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Hamer's Hot Ones CT Pellet/ Connecticut




Looking to buy Hamer Wood Pellets in CT/Connecticut?  Call CT Pellet at 860 482 4391

Because of the increased freight costs and limited availability of Hamer's Hot Ones, we are unable to offer any special pricing on this product for the early buy special.


Manufactured in Elkins, West Virginia, the Hamer Pellet Company was the first producer of wood pellets in North America. Super low ash and amazing heat earns this pellet their long standing "Super Premium" grade. See what a difference experience makes.

Hamer Hot Ones wood pellets in CT available at CT Pellet.

Super Premium Grade

Ash Content    Less than 0.5%

Moisture  4%-6%

Heat Value   Over 8200 BTU/lb (dry basis)

Fines Less than 0.5%

Overall customer satisfaction... Excellent


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